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Golf Course Vets - Gurgaon's Best Veterinary Clinic

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Golf Course Vets - Gurgaon's Best Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Sudhir Chauhan has been treating my dogs over the last 15 years or more. Our relationship is excellent, as he treats our pets excellently. I particularly remember one instance, when our family was overseas on vacation, and our dog fell sick. Dr. Sudhir was treating the dog in our absence and wasn’t worried about payments etc., but only on making our dog healthy.
He has also helped us in adopting two dogs, which couldn’t be managed by their family. I strongly recommend Golf Course Vets to any dog parent.

Vidur Kohli
Golf Course Vets - Gurgaon's Best Veterinary Clinic

I have a German Shephard dog and have been going to the Golf Course Vets clinic in the mall on Golf Course Road. The team of doctors and assistants are extremely gentle and patient. They are very loving towards the dogs. The only challenge is that they carry an excellent range of products, so one ends up spending more money on the toys, snacks, and other gizmos.
I highly recommend Golf Course Vets.

Chaitanya Chaddha

I have a Daschund, and these days it is very difficult to find a good vet. He was suffering from skin diseases and had a lot of dandruff. I had taken him to different vets, but couldn’t find a cure for his disease. Then someone recommended me to Golf Course Vets in Gurgaon. The Doctors here are very friendly, and effective. They solved my problem within a blink of an eye and after that, I only take him to them. They have very competent doctors and variety of pet products.

Ritwick Bhattacharjee


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